About Earth 32: Time Capsule June 2019


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Artist Statement: Time Capsule June 2019

This earth freezes time in the spring of the year 2019 and encapsulates the tipping point moment when powerful action to address manmade climate change is required yet we do not know if it will really happen. It is also a time where there are huge amounts of plastic trash in the oceans threatening sea life and getting into the human food chain and major problems with water and air pollution all over the planet. A group of seven women who have been close friends for over 30 years assembled this earth. In watching the deteriorating planet over their lifetimes, they have come together to create this earth with love and hope for a better future.  It is filled with meaningful objects of personal sentiment as a way to commemorate the environmental issues of the moment.


Lisa Larson, Judy Tucker, Cindi Ott, Susan Ratliff, Donna Kluch, Kathy Larson, and Ronnie Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


Wooden globe 4 inches in diameter covered with paper mache using current events newspaper clippings and filled with seven meaningful objects to preserve for the future from the spring of the year 2019.

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